The Center regularly publishes three biannual journals and one online newsletter:
The Journal of Population Studies is a biannual journal, it has been published since 1977. Papers are published in English or Chinese. Paper abstracts appear in the Review of Population Reviews, which is published by the Committee for International Cooperation in National Research in Demography (CICRED). The Journal is also listed in the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI). In order to spread knowledge of population issues, the Journal of Population Studies has its own Facebook fan page since 2015, on which popular introductory texts to its articles are regularly posted.

The Journal of Women’s and Gender Studies is published by the Women and Gender Division of the Center since 1990, is also a biannual journal which is the only professional academic journal on gender issues in Chinese. This journal is indexed in the TSSCI in 2015 and its English abstracts are listed in several international databases.

The Forum in Women’s and Gender Studies (formerly Bulletin of the Women’s Research Program) is also published biannually by the Women and Gender Division of the Center. Since 1985, it offers in-depth articles and reports on research projects, current issues, information of newly published books, seminar reports, courses information, etc.

The online newsletter distributes timely information and news of activities and publications of the Center and other relevant organizations.